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Ritratto di r'Ricard
Iscritto: 14 Gen 2012

Hello, All

I read with interest the announcements by Leonardo about GULP, the new Age Manager Database and Drizzle.

I installed Drizzle and the "AMD". I like it; especially the Offline KI. Kudos to Dustin for it!  It's too bad however that I can only play with these assets in my 'Uru/Complete Chronicles' folder. I would love to be able to use these assets on Cyan's MystOnline shard (but I'm sure that's a dream), and with the OpenURU Minkata shard (maybe someday?).

I think that some thanks are also due to the folks over at the Guild of Writers. I would like to participate on their forum to offer my feedback, and to try the 'Deep Island' shard, but it's been impossible to do that, or anything else at all, with the Guild of Writers. Trying to register there, does not work for me. The sign up/registration utility does not work. No confirmation email is being sent and messages to their designated email address on the error page (contact@guildofwriters.org) is rejected by the server. If anyone reading this is a mover and shaker at the Guild of Writers, I would love to have your assistance with this.

Thanks, ~Rodney (r'Ricard)

Iscritto: 2 Ott 2010

Shorah, r'Ricard

I'm sorry you're having trouble. We moved to a new server recently, and it's possible there are still some bumps to work out.blush If you can tell me your account name on the GoW forums, I can go ahead and activate it manually for you.

Sorry again for the inconvenience,